What is a good way to construct a market research questionnaire?

Regularly I receive questions from people who have read my blog. One reader has asked me the following:

“I’m doing a market research product on the fashion industry. Do male consumers feel as influenced by ethical and fair trade issues in clothing production as females do? I need help with the questionnaire!!”

Start your questionnaire with some demographics like gender, age, marital status, income. Use for age and income wide ranges and the option to not to answer. You will have to make sure people do answer the question about gender as that is your key focus of the survey.

Next is a range of questions related to the ethical and fair trade issues. Use closed questions i.e give a range of options including a non of the above and possible other. In this section you can also use some attitude questions, in other words do you agree or not agree with the following statement.

I would end with some questions related to the fashion industry in general. This in order to get an understanding of how fashionable someone is, but also to understand what influences them in general.

Overall keep the questionnaire easy to read, chronological and encourage people to answer the questions truthfully. I would suggest to have a maximum of 30 questions, or it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Also work on the layout of the questionnaire. Make it look nice, not cluttered and keep the answer structure similar throughout your questionnaire.

Test the questionnaire with some friends / family / colleagues / students to see if you get the answers you are looking for and see if the questions are straightforward.

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  1. I don’t think many men are even concerned with that issue, but what is it that you are trying to achieve with the questionnaire?

    You could ask them what percentage of clothing made is done through child labor or sweat shop conditions

    Here’s a good one. More expensive clothes made in the US, or cheaper clothes made in China. What do you buy.

    If you know that pair of pants was made by a person in Singapore under near slave conditions, would you still buy it
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    And That’s My Best Answer!
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  3. 1. Start with the basics – demographics. Clearly you need a gender M/F question but you might also want age, occupation and living status for example.

    2. Then add a bunch of attitude statements with a 5 point scale. Strongly agree ….strongly disagree with indifferent in the middle.

    3. Make sure your statements cover as many different points of view as possible.

    4. You could add a few other questions about other forms of buying to see if its specific to clothing or more generalised.

    Importantly you might aslo want to consider "in what ways male and females differ in their attitudes". I say this because your question above implies a yes or no answer. Open it up a bit and it’ll also help you generate hypotheses too.

    Cluster analysis is a "fun" way of playing with attitude statements after.

    Hope this helps
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  4. The only thing I can give you as advice is never give an odd number to reply to – most people will go for this option! (ie, 1=good, 5=bad – you will get 3 the average answer!

    You need to ascertain the age of the person, as well as whether they are male or female. Also their income (do this in bands, eg under £10,000, £10,001-20,000 and so on.)

    then start your questions – that way you can make sure you find out the difference between men and women, and whether salary and age makes a difference.
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  5. Well, I for one couldn’t give a monkeys. If people have to work for 2p a week in some Godforsaken country I’ve never even heard of so that I can afford to buy new clothes once a year then so be it.
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