Successful Internet Entrepreneurs Profile – Research Proposal

Over the last weeks I have been working on my own research proposal which is central part to the first essays of this year. Although for this first year we do not have to perform the actual research, we do have to write up the proposal as well as setting up the questionnaire.

A research proposal consists in general of the following parts:

  • Introduction: which explains why you are performing this research
  • Questionnaire: outlining what kind of questions and subjects you want to ask during your survey. This is not the actual questionnaire, which will be a separate part
  • Sampling: who is your target group, how many of those do you want to ask and where are they
  • Methodology: what is the set up of the research, is this face to face interviews, postal / online questionnaires, focus groups, etc.
  • Analysis: what are you going to measure, how do you measure it, what kind of statistical analysis are you performing to validate your data and use as foundation for your conclusions
  • Ethical appendix: in this section you have to think about any problems that might occur when asking your questions, are there any possibilities that people might not want to participate.
  • Literature review: what research has already been performed in your area, what does this mean to your proposal, are those studies useful or not and why
  • Project Plan: outline of what you are going to do when
  • Bibliography


For my research proposal I have chosen the following: What is the profile of successful Internet Entrepreneurs.

Why this subject?

Internet has become a mass medium in every aspect of live. This blog would not have existed without it. The essays of our degree are sent over the Internet. We are using forums on the Internet to discuss the degree etc.

Some people have managed to actually get an income through the Internet. So I am interested in finding out what has made these people successful.

During my literature review I found only a handful of useful documents describing research done regarding this group of people. But there is hardly any evidence to find about who they are and what has made them successful. Any research therefore performed in this field will be of great value and give foundations for further research.

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