How do you find people to take market research surveys?

I received this interesting question from a student at the local college.

“I need to find 50 people to respond to my market research survey for my business class. The questions involve home health care/personal care and services such as homemaking, meal preparation, yard work, transportation assistance, and respite care. Any ideas where I might find people willing to take this survey? ”

You can visit local care homes and ask for permission to question the residents on these subjects. You will have to make sure your survey is anonymous, unbiased and that answers will be generalised to avoid identifying certain places or people.

You can also try to find out where the “older” residents of your local village / city go to during the day. For example what time / day do they go shopping, banking, do they visit library or local clubs / bars. You can then ask these people if they are willing to participate in your survey.

Find out which local businesses offer the service you are interested in for your research. Contact these businesses and ask if they are willing to participate in giving you contacts. In return you can offer them a free report of the results of your survey.

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  1. Big companies run ads saying they will pay $5 for a 10 minute in-person survey. It is amazing how many people will travel to get $5.

    You would do best to go to local schools and ask if you could do a survey group in any study hall or library. It would not be a noisy process so you won’t be bothering anyone. The students would be curious and they would participate. You could award one person $5 out of a drawing.
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