Suggestions for a career in market research?

A fellow student asked me the following question:

“Currently I am a senior in college with a major in communication studies, emphasis in public relations, and I have a minor in international business. I’ve also taken 3 semesters of statistics courses and studied abroad in France. Is this a strong college background to start to work in market research? What are some entry-level jobs that I should look for in market research/marketing? Would a marketing internship help prepare me for a career in market research?” 

For most market research jobs there is no specific qualification you need. For market research you often need at least some feeling for marketing, economics or statistics.

As you have a broad background, with additional knowledge of statistics and foreign language, you can start a career in market research. Most likely you will start as a market research analyst or executive although the names often differ per company. You will start as a support for a Research manager or director, but can follow in their footsteps when you career progresses.

If you want to go for a career in marketing, I would suggest you take up an internship. Although this is not needed for a market research job, marketing jobs are different and hands on experience is a definite advantage in that field. Again after an internship you will most likely start as a marketing assistent and progress from there.

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  1. I am also looking into market research as a career. Based on the info. that I’ve gathered so far I may be able to help you. You sound very well-rounded and the fact that you studied abroad speaks very highly in the eyes of a possible recruiter. It sounds like you have a very good background for market research b/c you took quantitative classes as well as qualitative. If your french language skills are good then that definitely will make you look more competitive in the job market. Most market research jobs you’ll find are in managerial positions. What I’ve seen as job titles for entry-level (that your education would fufill at this pt.) market research positions are research assistant, research analyst, etc. These employees will usually assist the Project Manager or Director in carrying out assignments. To answer your other question–of course an internship in market research would help you step your foot in the door. I’m realizing in this field you really need a advanced degree to secure a position in the field. Here are few websites you can use as references as well as possible sources for seeking job opportunities.

    Hopefully, I was of some help to you. : )
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