Management and Business Research

I did not even have time to take a rest and put away the books of the previous course. The material of the new course already arrived!

It seems we are geared up towards a heavy half year, looking at the amount of books and reading material in the box.

The new course is called Management and Business Research and will only run for half a year. There are 2 essays to write and one final End of Course Essay. All crammed into a very short period of time. No rest this Christmas. Like with the previous courses the first essay is due just before Christmas, followed by the next one early Feb. The final essay is in April.

I wonder, judging the amount of books, how we are going to fit this all in. But than again, it is a Masters Degree. :-)

I will put up some updates as we go along, for now, it is back to the books and the planner.

master research

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