Introduction to research finalised

Finally, the first year has ended.

The last essay was all in light of SPSS, not an easy subject at all. It is not difficul to generate the results out of the system, but the explanation and understanding of the data is a complete different cup of tea.

I will try put up some separate posts specifically relating to how to read and interpret SPSS outputs sometime in the near future. However for now, the year has ended. The final part of the year consisted of an exam. The main focus on the exam was SPSS, followed by understanding of some key phrases passed throughout the year. At the end we had to write a short essay on a subject outlined in the exam paper.

After 3 hours of writing and thinking, I finally managed to hand in my examwork. Now it is waiting until December for the results. Hopefully the Open University will deliver an early Christmas present!

master research

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