How do i become a Market Research Analyst?

One of my relatives asked me advice for one of their children.

“Their child is heading to college and would like to beceome a Market Research Analyst or something in a related field. She is enjoy doing research and working with computers. What should she study? ”

It is not likely you find a direct college degree for market research. Often market research is given as part of a wider degree. There are some higher level degrees, like the Masters Degree with the Open University.

To get a career in market research I would suggest to study a degree in statistics, economics or marketing. Within those you can try to get either a minor in one of the other subjects, or try for a minor in market research if the college offers this.

As additional advice, I would suggest you find current related jobs and look for the requirements. Many will state additional expertise like Microsoft Office Suite (especially Excel and PowerPoint), sometimes additional languages and most of them a can do attitude and attention to detail.

Sites you can visit for market research jobs are:

master research

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  1. In my opinion get a degree in Finance and Math/Statistics. Its very important to have a quant oriented degree. Also try doing this, go online and search for the types of jobs you want and look at there requirements. That should give you a good idea at what to major in. Best of Luck, Keep your GPA high!!!
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