Which are the top market research firms?

A question regularly asked by many readers of my blog and people interested in market research.  Although many manufacturers themselves perform market research and have good market research departments, there is a broad range of companies that have specialised themselves in market research. Some of them have specialised themselves into specific fields like consumer research, others operate in all fields from desk research, via online research to EPOS data research.

Due to the strong dynamics, competition and take overs between market research agencies, this list probably is outdated within the next year.

But I have found the following top 9 research companies based upon their international turnover in USD for 2009

Rank Company  (sales in 2009 million USD) Growth in %
1 Nielsen Company (5,000.0) 2.6
2 WPP : Kantar, TNS, Millward Brown, BMRB, IMRB International and Ziment Group (2,000) 2.5
3 IMS Health Inc. (1,958.6) 8.9
4 GfK AG (1,397.3) 5.4
5 Ipsos Mori (1,077.0) 6.5
6 Synovate (739.6) 9.5
7 IRI (665.0) 6.6
8 Westat (425.8) 0.8
9 Arbitron (400.0) 5.9

(source: Wikipedia)

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